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Increasing life expectancies mean that many people today can look forward to a retirement lasting 20 years or more. So to enjoy the financially secure retirement you would like, it’s crucial to have the right pension arrangements in place.

At Howard Worth Financial Services in Nantwich, Northwich and throughout Cheshire, we can explore your existing arrangements and what these are forecast to provide, to give you a full picture of how you stand now. If these arrangements are right for your circumstances and goals, we will recommend leaving them as they are.

But if your contributions and arrangements need to change to supply your desired retirement income – or we identify alternatives that would improve investment returns – we will advise you on more appropriate options and the costs involved.

In making any recommendations to change your pension arrangements, we will carry out an analysis to assess the benefits that can be achieved against the disadvantages, such as exit costs. If you do decide to make changes, we can manage the process for you.

We can also explore the most effective options for funding your pension, including working within the £50,000 annual allowance eligible for tax relief, pension recycling – investing a tax-free cash lump sum from a pension, when you take the benefits, into another pension – or putting assets such as property or shares into a pension.

For more information, or to arrange a free, no obligation, initial meeting with Howard Worth Financial Services in Nantwich, Northwich and throughout Cheshire, please contact us.

* Howard Worth Independent Financial Management is a trading name of Howard Worth. Howard Worth is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
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