Only two-fifths of workers are confident about retirement planning

Just two-fifths of working-age adults in the UK are confident that they will have saved enough for retirement, according to the latest research.

The data comes from the LV= Wealth and Wellbeing Monitor, which showed that there were also a higher proportion of working-age women that feel a lack of confidence in their retirement savings (66%), compared to men (50%).

In addition, 30% of working-age adults stated that they were unsure at what age they were going to retire, with almost one-quarter of individuals aged 55-64 being unsure of their planned retirement age.

Only 14% of working-age adults surveyed stated that they have looked at their pension value in the past 12 months, while just 8% have researched how much they would need for a ‘comfortable’ retirement.

The research has also found that only 7% of individuals surveyed have consulted a financial adviser about their retirement planning. While two-thirds of those who have sought the services of a financial adviser now feel confident that they will have saved enough for retirement, in comparison to 41% of the wider public.

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