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NS&I given go-ahead to raise £40bn this year

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Government has asked the National Savings and Investments (NS&I) to raise a record £40 billion this year to help with the fight against the virus. The Treasury has revised its annual fundraising target for the bank for 2020 from £6 billion up to £40 billion as the Government…

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Banks list top 10 Coronavirus scams

Throughout this ongoing pandemic, fraudsters have attempted to play on people’s fears to try and trick them out of their hard-earned cash. Now UK Finance, the trade body for the British banking sector, has issued a list of the most common scams to help people identify them. The ten scams to be wary of include:…

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Gen Xers need to build up pensions savings and investments

The typical 40-55-year-old UK resident has just £71,591 saved in non-pension investments, according to a new study produced by Dunstan Thomas. Analysis by the pensions software specialists shows that younger Gen Xers aged 39-41 are the least likely to have significant non-pension investments, with most having just £63,809 on average. Meanwhile, older Generation Xers, aged…

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