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Payment of dividends during the Coronavirus outbreak

There are strict rules governing the circumstances in which a company may pay a dividend to its shareholders, some of which could affect directors’ income. Companies must have sufficient distributable reserves to pay the dividend at the time it is paid. Broadly, distributable reserves are accumulated profits from prior years that haven’t been paid out…

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UK pensions hit record low due to pandemic

Data from the latest Moneyfacts UK Personal Pension Trends Treasury report has revealed that that the average pension fund saw its value fall by 15.2 per cent during the first three months of this year. This makes this period one the worst on record, even surpassing the losses seen during the financial crisis of 2008. During…

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Are your finances retirement ready?

Are you approaching retirement? Are you unsure if your pension fund and other savings will see you and your family comfortably through retirement? Or are you unsure if you can afford to invest in a big project without it impacting negatively on your lifestyle? You’re not alone. Many individuals have come to me looking for…

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