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At HW Independent Financial Managment, we help business owners
and families secure the lifestyle they want.
What kind of life do you lead? HW INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT

Map out your short, medium and long-term goals so you can see the bigger picture.


You worked for your money,

now let it work for you.

Financial freedom without the fuss

Sit back and relax while we manage

your money.

HW INDEPENDENT Financial Management

Independent, Impartial, Unbiased

It’s by getting to know you properly that we make sure we’re in the best position to give you the right advice.


We are not tied to any company or bank, so you can be sure that our recommendations are unbiased and based entirely on what we believe is right for you, in terms of value and suitability, for what you are aiming to achieve.


Our experienced team of professionals based in Northwich and Nantwich are on hand to offer advice and guidance please do get in touch

Our Services

Savings and Investments

Make the lifestyle you want a reality. With our smart savings and investments advice, we support business owners, families, and individuals to make informed decisions about their money.
Our Services


At HWIFM we want to empower business owners and individuals to take control of their pensions and retire in confidence. From workplace pension schemes to lifetime ISAs, our expert advisers are here to ensure you live the life you want.

Our Services

Inheritance tax planning

With expert advice on trusts, business succession, gifts, exemptions, and reliefs, we help individuals divide their wealth across generations in the most tax-efficient way.

Our Services


Life is full of unexpected challenges. As specialists in wealth and financial protection, our job is to assemble a safety net to ensure you and your family can live life to the full, no matter what the future holds.

Our Services

Long Term Care Planning

You are likely to be researching care fees because you are concerned about the issues surrounding long term care and the funding for a loved family member or friend. We can help.



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