At Howard Worth Financial Services, we want to empower business owners and individuals to take control of their pension and retire in confidence. From workplace pensions schemes to lifetime ISAs, our expert advisors are here to ensure you live the life you want.

Enjoy retirement, the way it should be

Your pension should enable you to live the life you want, not impede it. With retirement often lasting 20 or more years, we help business owners save efficiently to live comfortably in older age.

Tax taken care of

Saving too much or taking too much of your pension can result in hefty tax bills. Our advice ensures you are managing your pension tax-efficiently, while still contributing enough to meet your personal goals.
The average retirement age
for workers in the UK

Know where you stand

Take advantage of regular forecast reports when you take pensions advice from Howard Worth Financial Services. By understanding how much you need to save and the value of your income in retirement, you’re much more likely to stick to your contribution plan and retire in confidence.

Get expert advice on annuity, investment and drawdown options

Our advisors will help you explore every avenue when taking your pension. Whether that’s investing a lump sum, taking an annuity or drawing down your pension tax-efficiently, you can rest assured that your hard earned pension is working hard for you.

Unbiased advice

Unlike many popular financial advisors, our recommendations can never be bought. Our advice is 100% independent and bespoke to you and your circumstances.