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Retirement planning

Have you planned for your retirement? Have you considered the lifestyle that you want to enjoy and how you will fund this? It is never too early to start planning your pension.  

The HWIFM team guide you through the options available in this informative video.

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Building a pension pot

Planning ahead is crucial when building a pension pot, allowing you to gradually build up a large enough fund to support you comfortably in the future. In planning for the future it is also important that you accommodate the present and allocate what you can afford to your pension while still being able to live comfortably today. Our advisors will work with you to assess your cashflow and future financial needs to strike the right balance and put in place a financial plan for the future.

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Make every pension count

A key part of pension planning is tax efficiency. With tax relief on pensions it makes sense to use as much of your available annual allowance as possible as this allows you to reclaim the income tax paid on contributions.

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Managing your pension

It is commonplace for people to have a number of pensions related to different jobs, or you could be concerned that your workplace pension will not meet your needs. We will advise you on how to make the most of the pensions that you have and what your options are, including consolidating your pensions, taking out a personal pension plan.

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Business owners

Whether you are an established business looking to realign your pension provision, or a start-up wanting to introduce a scheme for employees, HWIFM can help. We can advise on efficient workplace pensions that work for you and your employees.

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Taking your pension

When it comes to the time to draw your pension, make sure that you are informed of all of the options available to you and how this will affect your financial situation in the future. Whether you want to invest or spend a lump sum, buy an annuity or drawdown from a pension we will advise you on how to enjoy your retirement fund in a tax efficient way that allows you to remain in a secure position.

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Impartial advice

Save early and take unbiased, professional advice to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle today and in your retirement.

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