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Inheritance tax planning

Careful planning and management of your estate will allow you to minimise the tax that is paid by loved ones and maximise how much you can leave them.


The team at HWIFM guide you through this process with this informative video.

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54 per cent: The number of UK adults without
a Will as of December 2018

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The record amount of Inheritance Tax paid by British citizens in 2018/19

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Protect your financial legacy

You have worked hard for your money, so make sure that you protect that to pass it onto your loved ones as you would wish. With high property prices, it is easy for people to see the value of their assets and savings creep past the point at which tax will become payable on the estate, potentially leaving family members with a large bill to pay before probate.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help you and your family plan for the future.

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Plan for their future

Avoiding paying inheritance tax means planning in advance. Through the use of gifts, trusts and exemptions, paying large amounts of inheritance tax can be avoided. Taking early advice is essential as options such as giving money as a gift needs to be done a number of years before a person’s death to avoid tax. A long-term strategy as part of a policy to protect your finances is the best way to secure your financial legacy.

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Long term care

The cost of care can quickly erode savings – and the legacy you planned to leave behind. Make sure that you are in a position to afford care if you should need it and that your assets are protected. HWIFM offers specialist advice in care fees planning. We understand the differences in the levels of care and the challenges of meeting the costs and protecting your assets. We can advise you on meeting the costs of immediate care or planning for future care.

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Make an informed decision

Our advisers are committed to a holistic financial planning approach that takes care of you now and in the future. In planning for your care needs, or those of a loved one, we will give you all the facts you need to make an informed decision on meeting care costs, protecting your assets and maintaining a standard of living. We will help you to understand all the options open to you that are relevant to your circumstances. HWIFM offers one hour of free advice on care fee options and can signpost you to a solicitor if required. 

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