Meet the team – JANE HADFIELD

Meet the team – JANE HADFIELD


Meet our talented team here at HWIFM.

Get to know Jane, our newest member of the team.

Welcome to HWIFM, what is your role?

I have joined the team as a Financial Planning Assistant and am excited to meet lots of our lovely clients.

Who lives at home with you?

I live with my husband Mark, our dog Alan who is a little Jack Russell and our cat Coco. I have two daughters – both grown up with their own homes, partners and dogs!!

Hobbies – what do you enjoy doing out of work?

I love going to see musicals and concerts. Enjoy walking the dog and spending time with my family. I also have a membership to Chester Zoo. We love going there, it is my happy place.

What’s your favourite food and drink?

I love Chinese food and really enjoy a gin especially rhubarb with ginger ale.

Where is your go-to holiday destination

Ibiza and also Gran Canaria.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

Worrying does not solve anything.

What are your dream goals to achieve by the end of 2022?

To be able to get my head around my new role without driving the team mad by asking questions! Also to have actually been away on a plane, the last time we went was 2019, we are well overdue a holiday abroad.

Thanks for taking part, Jane.

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