Venture capital trusts (vct)

Venture capital trusts (vct)

Venture Capital Trust (VCTs) what is it? It’s a public listed company that pools investors’ money.

They provide investors with an easy way to access the growth potential of UK smaller companies. They also offer a number of attractive tax reliefs, making them a powerful financial planning tool.

Clients who could benefit from investing in a VCT include:- those worried about breaching their pension contribution limits, landlords looking to offset their income tax from rental property and entrepreneurs looking to extract money from their business.

VCT tax benefits (available on investments up to £200,000 per year)

  • up to 30% income tax relief
  • Tax-free dividends
  • Tax-free growth

Why invest in a VCT?

  • Offers growth potential
  • Can generate additional income
  • Help diversify your investments
  • Plus much more

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